Posted on: May 16, 2011 1:11 pm
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Nutt 'probably' going to boot suspended Rebs

Posted by Tom Fornelli

On Friday morning two Ole Miss players were arrested for public intoxication and suspended indefinitely by Houston Nutt. Considering it wasn't the first offense for either Delvin Jones or Clarence Jackson, many Ole Miss fans were wondering whether or not Jones or Jackson would ever play another down of football in a Rebels uniform. Well, if a radio interview Nutt gave on Friday afternoon is any indication, probably not.

Nutt was on The Chris Vernon Show in Memphis on Friday afternoon and said that this latest incident "probably (means) they're going to be removed from the team."

Nutt then talked to the Clarion-Ledger's Kyle Veazey, and while he backed off the talk of booting the players a bit, he was still pretty angry about their arrest.

“We’ve had such an unbelievable offseason,” Nutt told Veazey. “We’ve had a really good January, February, March, April, this May. We’ve got two selfish guys that just make a wrong terrible decision that embarrasses the 98 percent that do it right, that’s what makes you so mad. These guys have been talked to repeatedly. That’s what bothers me.” 

As of now, before making any decision, Nutt wants to talk to both players on Monday and then figure out what their futures with Ole Miss will be.

Thanks to an injury to D.T. Shackleford, Jackson was expected to earn a starting linebacker spot this year after being suspended four games in 2010. The reason for Jackson's suspension was that he allegedly possessed a flat-screen television, television stand and DVD player that belonged to Ole Miss' math department. Jones, a reserve defensive lineman, was suspended two games last season as well. 

UPDATE: Probably no more, as Nutt has gone and dismissed both Jackson and Jones from the team

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Michigan suspends Darryl Stonum

Posted by Tom Fornelli

Michigan head coach Brady Hoke announced on Saturday that the team had suspended wide receiver Darryl Stonum indefinitely. However, in the school's official release, there was no reason given for Stonum's suspension.

“Darryl made a poor decision that is unacceptable and won’t be tolerated," said Hoke in the release. "He will be disciplined for behavior that is unbecoming of a Michigan football player. This is a serious situation, we are disappointed and any athletic department discipline will be handled internally. We will provide the appropriate support and counseling in order for him to learn and grow from this mistake. Darryl has been suspended indefinitely from all team activities. If he fulfills all of the commitments he has to the legal system and our program, we will make a determination regarding his return to the team.”

Exactly what the behavior is that led to the suspension isn't clear. According to the Detroit Free Press, an inquiry into the Ann Arbor Police Department showed no arrest of Stonum on Saturday. Though Stonum has had his run-ins with the law during his time at Michigan. During his freshman season Stonum was arrested for operating a vehicle while intoxicated, and did so on a suspended license to boot. He was suspended by Rich Rodriguez for a game following the arrest.

After being sentenced to probation following the arrest in 2009, Stonum violated his probation a few times. He missed multiple court dates and skipped random alcohol testing that was mandatory. All of which led to Stonum spending three days in jail in June of last year. Stonum did not have to serve any additonal punishment from Michigan thanks to his jail time, which Rich Rodriguez felt was punishment enough.

Stonum had 49 catches for 633 yards and 4 touchdowns for the Wolverines in 2010.

UPDATE: It was another DUI arrest that resulted in Stonum's suspension.

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Report: More suspensions for Miami

Posted by Tom Fornelli

The Miami Hurricanes have already suspended six players for the team's opening game of the 2011 season against Maryland, and if a report on InsidetheU.com ($) is to be believed, there remains a chance that by the time the game is actually played, Miami may be out of players to field a team. That's because according to the report, four more Hurricanes have been suspended thanks to two separate instances.

According to the report, running back Storm Johnson, linebacker Travis Williams and cornerback Keion Payne were involved in an incident on April 27 at a UM residential hall, which eventually involved the University of Miami Police Department. Offensive lineman Jermaine Barton was involved in a separate incident on April 29.

According to InsideTheU.com, the four players are expected to be suspended for at least one game, although the penalty for the repeat offenders could be more. It is undetermined which game they will serve the suspensions.

A UM spokesperson said Wednesday that no players have been suspended.

Now, as the Sun-Sentinel report says, Miami hasn't acknowledged the reported suspensions. Which means that if they are coming, we don't know for how long nor what games these players will be missing. What we do know is that Storm Johnson and Keion Payne are already two of the six players that had been suspended for the Maryland game. As repeat offenders, it's possible that any additional suspension they receive will be worse than the ones that may be coming to Travis Williams and Jermaine Barton.

The other players suspended for the Maryland game are Seantrel Henderson, Kelvin Cain, Dyron Dye and Devont'a Davis.

Posted on: April 20, 2011 12:29 pm

Spurrier not really sure about Garcia's future

Posted by Tom Fornelli

Ever since South Carolina quarterback Stephen Garcia was given his latest in a long line of suspensions, folks have been wondering what Garcia's future at the school would be. Will he return to the team in time to once again be the Gamecocks starter in 2011, or is it possible he'll never play a down of football in Columbia again? Nobody really knows, not even Garcia's head coach apparently.

Steve Spurrier was part of the SEC's spring football teleconference on Wednesday morning, and when the question was asked about Garcia's future, he didn't really have much of an answer to give.

“It will be a university decision probably happen sometime during the summer," said Spurrier. "Sort of check his progress and see how he is reacting to some certain issues. The athletic director, the president, and I, we’ve all started giving him some guidelines. We’ll see how he follows those.

“He’s all set to graduate in May as long as he passes one of two courses he’s taking now. With his degree in hand, obviously he’s eligible to play anywhere in the country. And he’s got another year remaining. So, hopefully, we will work it out that he will be back with us with a lot better attitude then he’s ever had.”

Now, while I have no inside information on what the guidelines for Garcia are, given his history, I have a hard time imagining he'll be able to follow them. Garcia has already been given plenty of chances to get his act together at South Carolina, and he's repeatedly screwing all of them up. I mean, he'd already been suspended for spring practice when he showed up to a team function reeking of alcohol, which led to the latest suspension.

Does that sound like the type of thing somebody who learns from their mistakes would do?

In my opinion, Spurrier and South Carolina would probably be better off cutting ties with Garcia and just moving on.

Posted on: April 8, 2011 7:04 pm
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Report: Michael Floyd will not be suspended

Posted by Tom Fornelli

If you happen to be a Notre Dame fan, I've got some pretty good news for you. According to Irish Illustrated, a website that Notre Dame would not be allowed to look at, wide receiver Michael Floyd will not be suspended for any games this season. At least, not by the school's Office of Residence Life board. Which comes as a relief to Irish fans who had been living in fear that Floyd may not be playing in South Bend this fall.

Multiple sources told Irish Illustrated on Friday that Floyd's punishment handed down by the Office of Residence Life did not include a suspension of any games but will include community service. Floyd's initial hearing with ResLife was last week, followed by today's deliberations.

It is unclear when Brian Kelly will reinstate Floyd to the team or if the head coach could suspend the receiver for games in addition to the punishment handed down by ResLife.

Floyd had been suspended indefinitely by Notre Dame following a DUI arrest, his third alcohol related arrest since 2009. Considering some of the decisions that the Office of Residence Life has handed down to repeat offenders in the past, the idea that Floyd might miss the entire season was not out of the question.

Losing Floyd would have been a huge blow to the Fighting Irish, as he is already the school's all-time leader in touchdown receptions with 28, and he broke that record in only three seasons. That doesn't even factor in the time he missed during his freshman and sophomore seasons due to injuries. Floyd will also begin the 2011 season only 9 receptions short being Notre Dame's all-time leader in that category, and is 169 yards shy of breaking that school record as well.

In other words, he's somewhat important to the Notre Dame offense.

Posted on: April 8, 2011 11:55 am

Stephen Garcia runs the 40

Posted by Tom Fornelli

So it's become quite clear that South Carolina quarterback Stephen Garcia really enjoys himself a beer or twelve from time to time. He's been suspended by South Carolina five times during his time at the school, and from we can tell, with just about every single suspension has resulted from Garcia's desire to have a good time (One was a result of being arrested for keying a professor's car). In the last month he's been suspended from spring practice for a party he held in Atlanta before South Carolina's bowl game, and earlier this week he was suspended indefinitely for showing up at a team function smelling of alcohol.

You seriously have to wonder if Garcia will still be a member of the team when the season begins this fall, and how many more chances Steve Spurrier and the Gamecocks are willing to give him. 

Anyway, this is all just a buildup into some stupid MSPaint drawings I did of Garcia. It's been a while since I displayed my amazing artistic skills here on the blog, and when the latest Garcia news broke, what can I say? The muse. She struck. So without further ado, here's a little piece I like to call "Stephen Garcia Runs The 40." 

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Stephen Garcia suspended indefinitely

Posted by Tom Fornelli

In what has seemingly become a spring tradition in Columbia, South Carolina quarterback Stephen Garcia found himself suspended for all of spring practice in March, which was allegedly due to some partying he did down in Atlanta while the Gamecocks were in town for the Chik-Fil-A Bowl. Well, now it seems that Garcia's suspension won't just be for spring practice, as it's had the indefinite tag added to it according to athletic director Eric Hyman.

"Being a student-athlete at the University of South Carolina is a privilege, not a right," said Hyman. "We have expectations for our student-athletes and we make them aware that there are consequences for their actions. Stephen has exhibited behavior that is unacceptable for one of our student-athletes. Therefore, he has forfeited the privilege to participate in any football related activity until further notice."

As for what Garcia did to earn this newest suspension, that hasnt' been announced as of yet. Though The Post & Courier's Travis Haney tweeted that he "heard rumbling earlier in afternoon of another incident" that he said was minor compared to what happened at the bowl game. Haney also tweeted that Garcia "did not represent himself well at a school function." As for whatever that could mean, well, let's just say I have my theories.

Whatever the case is, Garcia isn't doing much to endear himself to South Carolina or Steve Spurrier, and I get the feeling that Connor Shaw will see a lot more playing time this season. Maybe even all of it.
Posted on: April 1, 2011 12:57 pm

Brian Kelly expects a decision on Floyd soon

Posted by Tom Fornelli

While Notre Dame began its spring practices already, the biggest question surrounding the team these days has nothing to do with what has been happening on the practice field. Heck, the questions aren't even about a player that is on the practice field. What everybody wants to know is what will happen to wide receiver Michael Floyd

Floyd was suspended indefinitely following his second alcohol-related arrest since coming to Notre Dame, and since then the Irish have tried to do their best to pretend he doesn't exist. Still, even Brian Kelly knows that Floyd's availability for 2011 will have a large impact on the Notre Dame offense. So, much like Notre Dame fans, he's hoping to find out what will happen to his receiver as soon as possible, and from the sounds of it, Kelly will find out soon.

"What I heard was that he would be meeting with Residential Life this week," Kelly told the Chicago Tribune. "And that some kind of decision relative to that meeting would be very soon after.

"They have not told me directly nor have I called to ask. I'm getting my information secondhand. I know that Michael is scheduled to meet with them and they have informed him that a decision would be made quickly."

Kelly also made sure to subtly suggest that he doesn't think a semester suspension would be the right thing for Floyd. After all, that would mean Floyd would miss out on the football season.

"Look, I'm a teacher and an educator. From my perspective, I'm always thinking about educational opportunities, so I always think in those terms. My first reaction is always about how can we learn. But that's me. I'm not in that there office."

Yes, Kelly wouldn't want Floyd to miss out on any "classes."
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