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Build Up the Youth

Posted on: August 3, 2011 2:44 pm

Now, that the NBA officially has started a lockout, it is time to ponder ways to improve the old Collect Bargaining Agreement structure. While implementing “flex” caps and revenue sharing are very necessary for the new CBA, I believe changing the eligibility for college players to enter the NBA draft would improve the college talent, keep teams from losing money, and ill-advised management.

Since 2006, the NBA draft has lacked a depth of talent. If it hasn’t been apparent through Oden/Durant and Rose/Beasley, look at the 2011 NBA draft it was one of the worst draft classes. As a result, more international players were picked. Some people may say just say allow high school players entry the draft again. I strongly disagree with that way. The best way to make sure the NBA draft has high quality players is to make college basketball players stay in school until their junior years. 

Forcing college players to wait until their junior will benefit them by allowing their bodies to fill out and mature. Also, it would help the players improve their game. Not only will this time benefit the players, it will also benefit the NCAA. More rivalries would be ignited. The same players will have to play each other, year after year. Imagine, if UNC and Duke Rivalry also involved the two of the NBA top prospects for two-four years (Harrison Barnes vs. Kyrie Irving). Imagine how much smarter and harder the players would play if they had at least two years of college. Examples: Joakim Noah, Kemba Walker, Al Hortford, etc… Not to mention, players learning the fundamentals for their position.

Along with keeping players in college longer, I believe the NBA, NCAA and the college conference should pay for each/their Division 1 college conference to play an international club league. It would work like the conference challenge, each team plays one international team in the same league. For example, the Big 10 vs. the Euroleague. This would help the college players play against some of the best players in the world. As a result, it will lead to a better scouting report on comparing college and international players. From these new regulations the NBA draft will contain elite rookies which will lead to lottery teams to compete and improve.

All these ideas being said, we do have the FIBA Under-19 World Championship to evaluate college talent. However, this is only taking the under 19 players, not college.

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