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Notre Dame makes Michael Floyd disappear

Posted on: March 23, 2011 12:31 pm
Posted by Tom Fornelli

There's been a lot of teeth gnashing in South Bend since the news of Michael Floyd was arrested for an OWI early Sunday morning, his second alcohol related problem with the law in 15 months. Sure, the first time was just a citation for underage drinking, but it didn't help Floyd's case, as he was quickly suspended indefinitely by head coach Brian Kelly.

Given that it's Floyd's second offense, there are plenty of Notre Dame fans losing sleep over the possibility of Floyd being booted off the team, and out of school altogether. Notre Dame has a history of making some decisions, and considering that Floyd is one of the best wide receivers in the country, and already holds the school records for career touchdown catches, it's easy to see why fans would worry. Losing Floyd would be a huge blow to the Notre Dame offense.

Now, while the school hasn't given any indication on how long Floyd's suspension will last, or any other information about its plans since the news surfaced, it gave a strong indication to the world on Tuesday. That's when the school released its 13-page spring prospectus to the media, and the only area where Michael Floyd's name was listed is a bad omen.

You couldn't find Floyd on the roster or in the wide receiver position preview. No, if you wanted to see his name, you had to go to the section that gives an overview of the talent lost from 2010. In other words, the only way the school feels like referring to Floyd at the moment is as a former player.

Now, this doesn't mean that Floyd's time in South Bend is over. I'm sure if Brian Kelly had the final say in the matter, Floyd would sit out this spring, then miss a game or two and rejoin the team. Unfortunately for Kelly, the final decision will rest with the school's Residence Life board. While the ResLife board has shown some leniency in recent years with player transgressions, it also has a history of showing no mercy to players for offenses that hardly cause people to blink at some other schools around the country. Particularly with repeat offenders.

So if you are a Notre Dame fan who has been losing sleep over this, I wouldn't expect to get a full eight hours anytime soon.
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