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Wazzu linebacker arrested for assault

Posted on: March 3, 2011 12:46 pm
Posted by Tom Fornelli

The offseason arrest train keeps on rolling, this time deciding to make a stop in Pullman, Washington where Washington State linebacker Louis Bland was arrested early Saturday morning. According to Pullman police, officers first showed up at Bland's apartment around 3 AM on Saturday morning, where they were told that Bland and his girlfriend were in an argument about a cell phone. At the time, police saw no reason to arrest anybody, and warned both Bland and his girlfriend before leaving.

Thirty minutes later, police were called back when a woman could be heard screaming.

Upon their return, Bland's girlfriend told police that he'd thrown her to the ground, elbowed her in the back, hit her in the head and choked her. The police said that there was enough physical evidence to indicate "at least some of that did happen." Bland said he was assaulted as well, and there was also evidence to support his claim, but nothing on the same level as to what he'd allegedly done to his girlfriend.

So police arrested Bland and booked him into Whitman County Jail on a class B felony, that could put Bland in prison for 10 years.

Washington State has not made a statement on the arrest yet, but with spring practice scheduled to begin Monday, I'd say the odds are good that Bland will not be there. 

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Posted on: March 5, 2011 10:05 am

Wazzu linebacker arrested for assault

If there was physical evidence of this assault, Bland is history.  He will recieve very little nercy from the court, especially because he is so big, compared to the woman that he used for a tackling dummy.  He basically admitted doing what she accused him of doing, by saying that she also assaulted him.  Unfortunately for him, in the case of domestic violence, who threw the first blow does not matter.  This is not a bar fight.  There is no such thing as "mutual combat" when it comes to domestic violence.  Another candidate for the prison football team.  Just another stupid college kid.  It seems as if college campuses have been overrun by these brainless alleged students.

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