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Virginia suspends three over rules violations

Posted on: February 8, 2011 6:06 pm

Posted by Adam Jacobi

With Signing Day having come and gone, college football fans can revel in the avalanche of good headlines for their chosen team: Player X to this team, Player Y to that team. It's fun. There's always one guy, however, who also starts showing up on various teams around this time of year, and his presence is much less welcome: Conduct Detrimental. Oh, he's a bad one, and he never runs out of eligibility. And unfortunately for Virginia fans, Conduct Detrimental just showed up in Charlottesville, and he's got a few friends on the team already:

Virginia Coach Mike London suspended three Cavaliers football players Tuesday for conduct detrimental to the team. Two of the suspended players -- junior linebacker Ausar Walcott and junior cornerback Devin Wallace -- were starters on last season's squad. The third player was junior center Mike Price.

Through a team spokesman, London declined a request to be interviewed to determine more precisely what led to the suspensions, as well as what the players must do to have their suspensions lifted.

If there's one good aspect of this suspension for the players, it's that it came in early February: suspensions generally don't last anywhere near seven months at a time, so odds are pretty good that all three players will be back in good standing well before the season kicks off. However, every day spent suspended is a day that someone else gets that player's role, and although most suspended starters work their way back atop the two-deeps, some don't, and it's way too early to tell if Walcott or Wallace can get back in London's good graces by the start of the 2011 season.

All because of Conduct Detrimental. That old scoundrel. 


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Virginia suspends three over rules violations

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Posted on: February 9, 2011 12:47 pm

Virginia suspends three over rules violations

I have no real knowledge of this situation - my commentary is only generic to the overall issue which is a lot of these kids who seem "detrimental to the program" and bounced out of the school are almost NEVER starters or major contributors to the team and are almost ALWAYS pushed out of their scholarship for a player who happens to have more potential in the eye of the coaches.

In other words, a lot of these kids are nothing more than breeding cattle.  And in this case, seemingly not very good breeding cattle. 

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