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OSU recruit arrested for allegedly fondling girls

Posted on: February 2, 2011 12:22 pm
Edited on: February 4, 2011 3:14 pm
Posted by Tom Fornelli

Well this isn't the news that a football coach wants to hear on national signing day. Incoming Ohio State recruit Chris Carter was arrested for fondling as many as eight girls on Tuesday. Yes, you read that right. Carter allegedly was pretending to measure these girls for their ROTC uniforms.
Cleveland Police said a 15-year-old girl told officers that Carter took her out of her classroom and into a room behind the JFK auditorium and told her he needed to measure her for the uniform.
"Once inside the room, (Carter) asked the victim to take off her sweatshirt and shirt so he could take her measurements," the police report said. "He cut off the lights. . . and stated 'I need you to take your bra off.' The arrested male than put his arms under her arms from behind and attempted to pull her bra up."
The girl told police she refused to cooperate and left the room.
Carter admitted to police that he employed this ruse with a number of other girls, even handing over a notebook in which he kept track of the girls' measurements. According to the police, Carter pulled one girl out of the hallway and into a separate room to measure her, having her undress down to nothing but her panties before measuring her.

Carter is an offensive lineman who committed to Ohio State, though the school is yet to comment publicly on his arrest or what it may mean for his scholarship.

More Signing Day coverage is here  at CBS. 

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Posted on: February 2, 2011 9:09 pm

Ohio State recruit arrested for fondling girls

DUDE!  Seriously????  This kid would have had girls knocking on his dorm room at OSU.  Now, he WILL lose his scholarship which is unfortunate and will be playing for Mount Union next season!

Since: Feb 2, 2011
Posted on: February 2, 2011 1:40 pm

Ohio State recruit arrested for fondling girls

Wow, way to go Ohio State! Will he get a slap on the wrist and a attaboy for this?

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Posted on: February 2, 2011 12:59 pm

Ohio State recruit arrested for fondling girls

Coach Tressel announced that there will be no punishment or scholarship withdrawl, because the mischievous youth has PROMISED to make a generous donation to a woman's shelter when he receives his first NFL paycheck. Run along, you little scamp!

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Posted on: February 2, 2011 12:53 pm

Ohio State recruit arrested for fondling girls

Great! Nice job, you boob! Head north to Michigan! We aren't interested! We have enough suspensions already!  

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Posted on: February 2, 2011 12:30 pm

Ohio State recruit arrested for fondling girls

Ohio State has retroactively made him eligible to play in the Sugar Bowl.

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