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Randy Edsall bans scooters at Maryland

Posted on: February 1, 2011 1:18 pm
Posted by Tom Fornelli

Injuries are a part of football, and for the most part, there isn't much that a coach can do to prevent a player from getting hurt while on the field. There are injuries that happen off the field, however, that can be avoided. For instance, this season Maryland lost not one, but two players to injury thanks to scooter accidents. Offensive lineman Pete DeSouza broke both of his legs in a scooter accident, and cornerback Dexter McDougle and defensive end Isaiah Ross were involved in another accident, with McDougle breaking his clavicle.

So new head coach Randy Edsall has decided to put the parking brake down on scooter use by his players, banning his team from using them.
The new Terrapin football coaching staff has banned players from owning motorized scooters, several members of the team confirmed last night.
Coach Randy Edsall informed players of his decision Jan. 23, one day before the start of spring classes. The ban, which was to be enacted immediately, follows a harrowing fall for the team that saw three players injured in two separate scooter-related accidents.
Which is a move that makes sense. You can't control the injuries on the field, but you can keep your players from crashing scooters if you don't allow them to ride scooters in the first place. Plus walking everywhere is an excellent way to stay in shape during the offseason. Which probably bothers some of the players, but if DeSouza is cool with it, then the rest of the team should be too. 

"[Edsall] just wants to keep us safe. He's a new coach; you have to follow his rules," DeSouza told the school newspaper. "I don't think anyone was mad. Everyone just wants to win, so we'll follow his rules."
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