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Did Big 12 consider adding San Diego State?

Posted on: January 26, 2011 10:12 am
Edited on: January 26, 2011 10:13 am
Posted by Jerry Hinnen

San Diego State president and Mountain West board of directors member Stephen Weber didn't drop any bombshells when it came to discussing why the league declined to extend the expected invitations to Utah State and San Jose State yesterday. "We got into the generic question of, 'Do any of these teams that have been talked about add value?'" he said of the board's discussions, "[and] right now we didn’t see any."

So that's pretty straightforward, if even a little more straightforward than the apparently value-less Aggies and Spartans would like to hear. But when discussing his own school's potential conference affiiliations, Weber got a lot more intriguing:

“The issue gets to be interesting when you start looking at an increasingly successful athletic program and a large TV market,” Weber said of SDSU. “I know others have looked at exactly those issues. When it’s something that will be attractive to them, if ever, I can’t guess.”

Asked if the Big 12 , now down to 10 members, had expressed interest in SDSU, Weber said, “I can’t talk about that.”

He did say no other conferences have approached SDSU about membership.

Contrast Weber's two responses here. When asked if any other league had made any sort of overtures to the Aztecs, he flatly says "No." When asked if the Big 12 had made any sort of overture to the Aztecs, he says "I can't talk about that." The conclusion is obvious: someone in the Big 12 has talked to someone at SDSU about possible membership.

Equally obvious is that any firm invitation hasn't yet been extended, or SDSU would have jumped in with both feet. But it would make sense for the Big 12 to already be doing its due diligence on either re-expanding to 12 (conference championship-staging) teams or possibly replacing current members looking to jump ship. And it would make sense -- given the huge San Diego market and their recent football and men's basketball success -- for the Aztecs to be on that due diligence shortlist.

Don't expect any of these discussions to lead anywhere concrete anytime soon; both the Big 12 and the MWC seem firmly committed to the "membership configuration already established" in their respective leagues (to use the term from the MWC's non-expansion confirmation statement yesterday). But if the Big 12 does go hunting for new blood in the near future, we now have a pretty good idea of where they'll turn their attentions first.


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Posted on: January 26, 2011 3:58 pm

Did Big 12 consider adding San Diego State?

You're right. I am silly. Notre Dame is not a championship caliber program.  Big XII teams have won five national titles and played in at least nine title games since ND last won a national championship in football. I think none of the college players today were born the last time ND won title.  Unless it is one of the old BYU player back on the team after mission. That said, if ND ever decides to join a conference the Big XII would make sense because they could keep their network money, tv rights and not have to give it to a conference.  Stranger things have happened, KU, KSU, MU, ISU, all in the midwest.  Being in a conference is smart since the coaches vote in one of the two polls that counts towards BCS and they vote up the teams in their league.  Part of silly old me would still like to see them struggle though.

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Notre Dame would be a good fit. seriously NO!!

Don't use the words history, Notre Dame and Big XII together again. 

Your thinking of the wrong Big Twelve conference.

Notre Dame has played Michigan, Michigan State and Purdue year after year for decades. Michigan taught Notre Dame football in the 1800's.  your only dreaming because there is no truth in Notre Dame belonging in a conference with primarily texas and oklahoma schools.

Your silly.

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Posted on: January 26, 2011 2:03 pm

BYU Probably Talked to Them

No secret that BYU wanted in the Big XII, still does.  They probably tried to sell the Big XII on taking BYU, SDSU together.  Presonally, I would like to see BYU and Notre Dame in Big XII.  Texas has scheduled a tons of games between both for the next decade.  Either that or Texas is hedging bets in case they go Independent.

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