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Gary Crowton still at LSU ... for now

Posted on: January 12, 2011 5:50 pm
Posted by Jerry Hinnen

Not that coaching at LSU doesn't come with far, far more than its fair share of interesting days, but it's safe to say this one has been more interesting than most for current -- and potentially future -- Bayou Bengal offensive coordinator Gary Crowton.

A longtime target of abuse from LSU fans upset (and understandably so) with their immensely talented team's recent finishes in the SEC in total offense -- dead last in 2009, before an improvement all the way to 11th in 2010 -- Crowton had reportedly been dismissed by head coach Les Miles this week, according to Lousiana-based reporter Glenn Guilbeau . But only hours after that report surfaced, Crowton himself went public to say that he is still a member of the LSU staff :

LSU offensive coordinator Gary Crowton has not been fired and for now at least, still plans on being on Les Miles’ LSU staff next season.

Crowton responded to a text message asking if he had been let go and said “No, I’ve been on a plane. Heading back to Baton Rouge right now. Have not been fired.”

He called moments later and said “I’m still a Tiger and plan on being one next year.”

Some of the confusion no doubt stems from the fact that Crowton did admit to interviewing for the Maryland offensive coordinator's position under new coach Randy Edsall, a colleague of Crowton's at Boston College in the early '90s. If Crowton was fully committed to LSU and knew LSU was fully committed to him, it's worth asking why he'd bother to pursue the Maryland job.

The obvious answer is that one side or the other isn't, in fact, all that committed. Miles didn't exactly shut the door to a staff shakeup when he said the following during a Tuesday press conference (emphasis added):
“I really don't know exactly what to tell you. I know we'll have a staff meeting on Thursday morning. I'm not ready to say that there won't be some changes on the staff . I don't know that I necessarily am going to be the factor there as opposed to other great opportunities so we'll have to see how that goes.”
Crowton's all right for today. But tomorrow promises to be just as interesting.

(Oh, and an aside about that last, wonderfully Milesian sentence in the quote immediately above: it means "Some of the staff may be hired away by other teams rather than being fired by LSU." We think.)


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Gary Crowton still at LSU ... for now

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Gary Crowton still at LSU ... for now

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Gary Crowton still at LSU ... for now

Ugh, I remember when Gary Crowton was the OC at Oregon. He is good at putting in an offense, but terrible at making adjustments. The more times you play a specific team, the more your offense will get its butt kicked, because the other side will know exactly what to expect. Oregon finally canned his ass, hired Chip Kelly as OC, and watched their offense get awesome in a hurry.

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Posted on: January 13, 2011 8:36 am

Gary Crowton still at LSU ... for now

I completely understand why Crowton would interview with Maryland as his HC at LSU was talking with Michigan.  That being said, Miles does not like to fire assistants, he simply tells them they should be looking for another job.  I do think Crowton has seriously failed to coach up Jefferson and Lee, and his playcalling and substitutions just don't make sense sometimes.  The only reason to keep him at this point is if Jefferson needs him, but I don't think that is reason enough at this time.  While Crowton was great in 2007, he has been terrible since and Miles should get a good offensive mind to run the show now. 

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Posted on: January 13, 2011 1:05 am

Gary Crowton still at LSU ... for now

I agree, Gary Crowton is awful. PLEASE Les, for the love of GOD FIRE CROWTON!!!!

Remember when Les thought having Co-Defensive co-ordinators was a good idea? As soon as he was forced to hire one good DC, our defense went from average to great. Please please, justr get someone to run a decent pro style offense and stop all the 5 WR nonsense, nothing more frustrating for a fan than seeing an NFL back like Ridley on the sideline on 3rd and 2.

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Posted on: January 12, 2011 7:17 pm

Gary Crowton still at LSU ... for now

Please for the love of God; FIRE Gary Crowton!

How bad does your offnse have to be to get rid of a terrible OC?? They have been in the 100's the last 2 years! That's pathetic.

Miles, you got an extension, now get rid of Crowton.
Geaux Tigers!

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