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Bowl Grades: Rose Bowl

Posted on: January 1, 2011 8:48 pm
Posted by Tom Fornelli

TCU says "Hello, BCS!" and beats Wisconsin 21-19 in the Rose Bowl to finish season 13-0


Offense: It wasn't a great game by the TCU offense in this one, as while the Horned Frogs came out blazing in the first quarter and scored touchdowns on their first two drives, they only managed 7 points over the final 45 minutes.  Still, the Frogs got as many points as they needed, and didn't turn the ball over, using field position to their advantage throughout the second half.

Andy Dalton was on fire out of the gate, but TCU then got a bit pass-happy in the second half and his performance fell off a bit.  He did finish the game with 247 total yards and two touchdowns, running the offense efficiently enough to win the offensive MVP of the game.  That being said, had TCU been a bit more productive with the ball late, it wouldn't have had to sweat so much at the end.  Grade:B

Defense: His name is Tank Carder, and this game wasn't as much the Rose Bowl as it was the Tank Carder Show.  Carder was everywhere on the field for the TCU defense.  Knocking Scott Tolzien to the ground repeatedly, swallowing runners in the backfield, and knocking down passes at the line of scrimmage.  If you didn't know Carder's name before this game, you do now.

The only problem for TCU was its interior run defense.  While it was able to utilize its speed every time Wisconsin tried to stretch runs outside, the defensive line was getting manhandled up the middle quite a bit.  Still, considering how impressive Wisconsin's offense was over the final month of the season, holding the Badgers to 19 points is nothing to be ashamed of.  Grade: B+

Coaching: The only complaint I have about the job Gary Patterson and the TCU coaching staff did in this game was abandoning a game plan that was working so well at the start.  Andy Dalton was having successful early throwing the ball and running out of the read option, but for some reason TCU ditched this attack after the first quarter.  Instead Dalton just kept dropping back to pass, and things got a bit too predictable.  Grade: B


Offense: Just looking at the statistics and not the scoreboard, you'd think Wisconsin won this game.  The Badgers rushed for nearly five yards a carry, converted nearly half of its third downs, both of its fourth down attempts and didn't turn the ball over a single time.  So what went wrong?  Well, once the Badgers got to the red zone things seemed to stall and the team had to settle for field goal attempts, one of which they missed.

Which was a big miss given the final score.

The big problem on offense was that Wisconsin just wasn't very efficient throwing the ball.  The Badgers have never been a passing team, but they've utilized play-action all season to pick up big chunks of yards and move the ball down the field.  Tolzien couldn't do this against TCU on Saturday, and it cost Wisconsin points in the end.  Grade:C+

Defense: Aside from the first quarter, Wisconsin's defense played pretty well.  It's just Wisconsin had trouble getting off the field on third down, which lengthened TCU drives and took more gas out of the tank as the game wore on.  The Badgers did a good job stopping the run and made life difficult for Dalton at times, but in the end, the Badgers defense had to make a play, and they simply didn't.

A turnover or two would have gone a long way in this game.  Grade:B

Coaching: Why did Wisconsin lose this game despite the stats? Coaching decisions.  Now, I loved Bret Bielema calling a fake punt deep in his own territory in the first half, but other than that, he left me scratching my head quite a bit.  There was the questionable clock management at the end of the first half that forced Wisconsin to settle for a field goal, as it seems Bielema thought unused timeouts carried over to the second half.  The biggest gaffe, however, came at the end of the game.  On Wisconsin's final drive the Badgers ran the ball right down TCU's throat with John Clay and Montee Ball.  After finally punching the ball into the end zone, the Badgers had to go for two, so what did Wisconsin do?  They spread it out with four receivers and decided to throw.  A Tank Carder fly swat later and TCU was Rose Bowl champions.  Grade:F

Final Grade

The first quarter gave me the feeling that this was going to be an epic Rose Bowl, one that would go down in history.  Things didn't quite play out that way, but it was still a very interesting game up until the last few minutes.  It was a huge win for TCU, and one I thoroughly enjoyed watching.  With or without the questionable decisions at the end.  Grade: A-

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Bowl Grades: Rose Bowl

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Posted on: January 8, 2011 1:44 pm

Bowl Grades: Rose Bowl

Being from Alabama, I was very happy to see TCU beat Wisconsin. Two weeks before the game, most commentators gave TCU little to no chance at winning.  "Wisconsin is a dominate team who could be the best the Big 10 has ever had" Lee Corso. TCU played tough and ultimately prevailed.  This was one of the best games of the bowl season.  TCU, please work on your video.

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Posted on: January 2, 2011 2:00 pm

Bowl Grades: Rose Bowl

What a pathetic tool you are, but just what I would expect from an OSU fan. What's the matter, that beat down the Badgers gave you still smarting? And just how would OSU beating Arkansas prove anything? I'd like to hear you come back out here if the Razorbacks thump your bunch of hoodlums. Wisconsin playing dirty is a reach, you just cannot take it that your little boys were beaten soundly by a superior team and now are relegated to second place status. How sad your life must be.

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Posted on: January 2, 2011 12:56 pm

Bowl Grades: Rose Bowl

I just don't like Wisconson.  They're a dirty team and their defense sucks.  Their running game is they're defense.  TCU would've stopped whatever runs they would have checked to, whether inside, outside, or draws out of the gun.  They let off the gas too in the second half, using less and less of the option.  It's apparent that Wisconson isn't as good as everyone thought, and yes, their coach is a moron.  Only Ohio State can save the Big Ten now, and prove they're the best of the conference.  Beating Arkansas would be huge, even though they aren't all that great of a team!

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Posted on: January 2, 2011 9:18 am

Bowl Grades: Rose Bowl

Next year, the Big Ten should be renamed the "Little Twelve".
We've already renamed the Big Ten. The Little Sisters of the Poor. Credit Gordon Gee for the inspiration.

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Posted on: January 2, 2011 3:36 am

Bowl Grades: Rose Bowl

Fornelli hit it right on the head about the Wisconsin coaching. I absolutely hate it when coaching (or lack of it) costs the kids a game they could just as easily won as lost. Hats off to TCU, they lived up to their billing, but the horrible clock mgmt at the end of the first half, the constant soft zone leaving TCU receivers open for 10 yards and absolutely no adjustments to anything are what cost the Badgers big time in this one. I hope Bielema apologizes to each and every one of his players, but his ego will probably not let him admit he did anything wrong. One thing for sure, he is no Barry Alvarez. Sad, just so sad for a great class of football players.

Bielema, this one is on you, not your players. You yourself were not prepared for this game, and it showed. Pathetic.

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Posted on: January 1, 2011 11:18 pm

Bowl Grades: Rose Bowl

Next year, the Big Ten should be renamed the "Little Twelve".

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Bowl Grades: Rose Bowl

I couldn't agree with you more, Scriabin.  At least Wisconsin (3 point underdog) came within 2 points, if you know what I mean!  Smile  Thank you for the wonderful start of the new year, Bucky!

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Posted on: January 1, 2011 9:41 pm

Bowl Grades: Rose Bowl

The biggest gaffe the Wisconsin coaching staff made all game was not pounding the ball between the tackles ALL game.  Between the end of the first quarter and the final drive, the Badgers went away from pounding the ball, and it cost them.  TCU was getting NO penetration from its linemen even in the first quarter when Wisconsin was running slow developing lead plays.  Wisconsin should have just continued to run whatever interior runs they had (even if it was the same 4 plays), until TCU stopped them.  To do so, the Horned Frogs would have had to bring 8 or 9 men into the box on every play and THEN play action would have worked.

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Posted on: January 1, 2011 9:10 pm

Bowl Grades: Rose Bowl

Fornelli is an idiot.  Just because the defenses stepped up in the second half does not mean it was not a good second half.  the battle was great to watch regardless of little scoring.  Fornelli find a sport you better understand and post on that.

Great Rose Bowl game.  Very entertaining and what a great win for a non-AQ team in a conference that should have an AQ particularly if the bigleast does and continues to do so.

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