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JoePa can't hear a word you're saying

Posted on: December 14, 2010 11:26 am
Edited on: December 14, 2010 11:36 am
Posted by Tom Fornelli

You know, it's no secret that Joe Paterno isn't exactly the youngest coach out there.  In fact, he's the complete and total opposite of that.  So it's easy to make fun of him, because it's easy to make fun of old people.  Sure, some cultures respect and revere their elders, but this is America, and unless you're between the ages of 18 and 34, nobody gives a damn about you here.

Still, maybe we should show our senior citizens more respect.  They did help lay the foundation of this great country of ours, and have forgotten more about life than most of us have learned.  That is what we should do.  What we shouldn't do?  Let's not have them no our radio shows.

Isn't he precious?

Hat tip: SB Nation

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Posted on: December 22, 2011 6:05 pm

JoePa can't hear a word you're saying

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JoePa can't hear a word you're saying

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JoePa can't hear a word you're saying

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Posted on: December 14, 2010 5:58 pm

God Bless Joepa

When the shock jocks like Stern and Cowherd who are making fun of Joepa die, no-one will care--when Joepa dies, a nation will mourn his legacy to College Football.  He made a difference in lives of young people and a university--and he can get a hearing aid if he wants--nobody is going to tell him what to do.  I hope that he does retire next year, because he doesn't need to deal with the punks of the current generation who have no respect for age---and then continues to inspire us till he dies.

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Posted on: December 14, 2010 5:02 pm

JoePa can't hear a word you're saying

I'll give JoePA his due. He's got a great legacy. But I listened to highlights of this radio show on Jim Rome, and I couldn't help but laugh. Not at JoePA, but just at the situation. Age is wearing on JoePA, and it shows on that radio show (especially on his hearing). But I will admit he's at that point in his life and he's still out there coaching. I don't think he has as much control on his team as the staff would have the world believe, but he gets out there and coaches his team along. He earned his  400 wins and I hope he and Penn State give the Big 10 a bright spot against Florida and the SEC when bowl season rolls around.

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Posted on: December 14, 2010 11:50 am

JoePa can't hear a word your saying

its time to change the name of that town from state college to paternoville.....his name is on three quarters of everything there anyway lol Hes the best and everyone should enjoy his senior moment like this one........because there will will be people in the future that remind us of lebron or tom brady or arod but there will NEVER be another joe paterno...glad hes comin back for one more year!

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