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Report: Vandy hires Gus Malzahn

Posted on: December 12, 2010 5:44 pm
Edited on: December 12, 2010 6:47 pm
Posted by Tom Fornelli

Yesterday news broke that Will Muschamp had decided to leave Texas to take over the head coaching job at Florida , and now today it seems that another big-name coordinator is moving on to a head coaching job.  According to a report in the Washington Post , Auburn offensive coordinator Gus Malzahn has agreed to take the head coaching job at Vanderbilt.
The Post's Eric Prisbell has been told that Auburn offensive coordinator Gus Malzahn has accepted Vanderbilt's offer to become the Commodores' next football coach.
Maryland offensive coordinator James Franklin was a candidate for the Vanderbilt job, and was seen as the Commodores' second choice after Malzahn.

If this is true, this is a huge hire for Vanderbilt.  Malzahn has been incredibly successful just about everywhere he's gone, and we've all seen what he's been able to do with Cam Newton and the Auburn offense this season.  Of course, he won't be able to bring Cam Newton with him to Nashville.
Still, this is a very good first step for the Vanderbilt program if it's ever going to experience success in the SEC and put an end to being a conference doormat.  As for Malzahn, if he's able to win at Vanderbilt, he'll be able to pick any job he wants at any price he wants in a few years.

UPDATE: CBS's own Dennis Dodd -- along with an awful lot of other outlets -- are reporting that Malzahn-to-Nashville isn't quite a done deal yet. It seems likely that the Post 's source would be Franklin or someone close to him who'd been told the Commodores had gone in a different, i.e. Malzahnian, direction, so this could be a case of Malzahn simply trying to get his ducks in a row before going public. But it's also possible there's nothing set in stone as of yet. We'll see.

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Report: Vandy hires Gus Malzahn

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Report: Vandy hires Gus Malzahn

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Report: Vandy hires Gus Malzahn

If Ifs and Buts were candy and nuts we'd all have a Merry Christmas...the problem is...Ifs and Buts taste like crap which is the kind of football they play up there in Nashville...and seriously...their stadium capacity is the smallest in the SEC and they play in the largest city by far of any team in the SEC...nobody cares about Vandy football not even Vandy students. It's Death Valley for SEC coaches - you coach there when you have no other options which Gus will have and 1.3 million bucks to be an assistant at a program on the rise....sorry to borrow this from the NFL guys but....c'mon man.....that's better than making 2 million bucks at a program where you become forgotten about in 3 years.

I don't blame Vandy for trying or at least making it look like they were trying but their second option is Franklin from Maryland. While he's got some decent pedigree....not exactly a household name and next to no experience running a program....but I bet even he's smart enough to stay under Fridge and take over Maryland than take the Vandy job.

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Report: Vandy hires Gus Malzahn


Great job on the report bloggers...but.....uh....FAIL! I was wondering if Gus was losing his mind in signing a deal to coach the bottom dwellers of the SEC. I think he'll hang on another year or two at Auburn continue to showcase an offense that has young skilled players, not just Cam Newton, take this show on the road to a GOOD program with a real shot to win.

I know the nay-sayers seem to think Auburn goes back to a 7-5 type team if Cam goes pro, which is very likely, just because this time the money is too much. But, this is a team with a very good dual threat QB coming to the Plains that will likely redshirt and we'll hand the offense over to Trotter for a year. That's a huge drop in the talent pool from Newton to Trotter but the only other option will be Kiehl Frazier starting as a true freshman....not a big stretch if Trotter gets hurt or doesn't pan out. But, here's hoping Cam Newton gets told go back to school and get another year when he goes to the combine.

Gus - thank you - look forward to the big game January 10th and the 2011 campaign and hopefully we'll be defending the title and making believers that Auburn is AUSOME!


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Report: Vandy hires Gus Malzahn

Chizik has went down this same road Gus Malzahn finds himself on.Before the Iowa State job Chizik was"D"coordinator with two programs(Auburn&Texas) ,29 straight wins,two undefeated seasons,and 1 National Championship.Gus Malzahn will get paid and he will do whats right for his family. Thanks Gus for your time at Auburn and if Vandy is your Iowa St. GOOD LUCK!!

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Report: Vandy hires Gus Malzahn

Not really; if we shelled out a quarter mil for our QB I'm sure we would've won.

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Report: Vandy hires Gus Malzahn

First I'll point out that more bloggers are coming out with "sources" saying that Malzahn is leaning towards turning down the offer and staying at Auburn until a better op comes open.  Second, to mmrtr, I would imagine now that the roster is setup to run the spread and with the $$$ available to pay a high quality OC, that they would immediately go after one of the best spread OCs in the nation and go from there. 

What will Sabin do with a D that desintergrates?  That's probably a better question.

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Report: Vandy hires Gus Malzahn

28-27 still stings, doesn't it?

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Report: Vandy hires Gus Malzahn

Razor$life is correct....  I did bring up Houston Nutt.  The reason I did is because Nutt and Pete Boone need to move on.  Razor4life nailed it when he said Petrino is taking Arkansas to the Sugar Bowl in year 3 when Nutt didn't do it in 10 years.  Arkansas fans warned us about Nutt but we were so happy the Orgeron was gone that we didn't care.  Now reality is starting to sink in.  Razor4life is also right about winning 1 he shouldn't and losing two he should win:

Florida 1-0, Vandy 1-2
LSU 2-1, Miss St 1-2
Arkansas 2-1, SCAR 0-2

Ole Miss will not compete for anything other than the middle of the pack SEC West finishes as we saw in 2008 and 2009 with Nutt and Boone running the show.  Nutt is a likeable guy but that doesn't win league championships.  The Cotton Bowl wins were nice but I'd rather be going to a Sugar Bowl and have a legitimate shot at SEC championship games appearances like Arkansas now has.  Just imagine if this story was about Malzahn replacing Houston Nutt at Ole Miss....

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Posted on: December 13, 2010 12:27 pm

Report: Vandy hires Gus Malzahn

If the rumor is true about Vandy offering him somewhere in the $2-2.5 million a year a range, Malzahn would be crazy not to take the job when you consider the fact he was coaching high school football five short years ago.

This is a win-win situation for Malzahn. Even if things don't work out after three or four years, he has set up his family financially for life and can have his pick of almost any coordinator job he wants in college football.

If he is able to make Vandy competitive (while playing entertaining offensive football) Malzahn will either be able to command more money with the Commodores (in addition to a long term contract extension) or become head coach at a heavyweight program and have a legitimate opportunity to compete for championships every year.

For Vandy, this is a great hire because their program can't get any worse and Malzahn will bring to Nashville a wide-open, fast paced offense that will attract talented quarterbacks, running backs, and receivers, while dramatically increasing attendance.

While the defensive side of the ball might be a different story, I'm sure Malzahn won't have a problem finding talented coaches that will be anxious to work in the SEC at a school that has always had a history of paying assistant coaches well. 

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