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Gruden meets with Foley, Meyer

Posted on: December 10, 2010 11:56 am
Posted by Jerry Hinnen

It's time for one of those pieces of news that's more Rorschach Test than hard data: what do you see when you look at Jon Gruden chatting with Urban Meyer and Florida athletic director Jeremy Foley at an Outback Bowl function?

Do you see ...

-- Foley and Meyer making a straightforward power play for one of the perenially hottest names on the coaching circuit?

-- Foley following the lead of his peers in the Miami athletic department and gauging Gruden's interest in coming to the college game as a prelude to potentially offering him the Gator job?

-- a discussion between three lifetime football guys about football issues, maybe even issues related to Florida, but without any real expectation that Gruden would be interested in the available coaching position?

-- a brief, cordial chat between three guys who just so happened to be in the same Tampa room at the same time and just so happened to be an available high-profile football coach, a second high-profile coach football who had just resigned, and the athletic director responsible for replacing the latter with someone like the former?

Since we've got absolutely nothing to go on other than the fact that Foley, Meyer, and Gruden happened to be sharing the same space -- a space in which which all three had good reason to be, what with the Gators playing in the Outback and Gruden living in Tampa -- and a few words of conversation, it's more than a little premature to assume Foley was offering Gruden the keys to one of the richest kingdoms in all of college football.

But it also seems unlikely that Foley, who's sworn he's going to conduct an exhaustive search for the Gators' new head coach (despite needing just the one trip to Starkville, really), would be willing to chat up Gruden in a public setting and not at least float the possibility of Gruden's coming to Gainesville.

Whether Gruden would be more receptive to a ready-built program like Florida than he was the Hurricanes, well, that's another thing you might see between the blots and might not. But this much we know: Foley, Meyer, and Gruden have given us something to look at, and until the Gator search narrows or Gruden emphatically states "I'm not going to Florida," there's going to be plenty of staring.


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Gruden meets with Foley, Meyer

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Gruden meets with Foley, Meyer

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Posted on: December 10, 2010 12:46 pm

Gruden meets with Foley, Meyer

If Kelly comes to Florida its because he thinks he can more likely build a dynasty at Florida versus Oregon or he wants to coach in the SEC or something like that.  It won't be a money, BCS, or can't compete for a national title at Oregon.  Don't know why he'd make the switch.  Nice thought, but don't see it as likely.

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Posted on: December 10, 2010 12:42 pm

Gruden meets with Foley, Meyer

I dunno.  But I sure hope Foley isn't serious about Gruden at Florida.  I watched him deconstruct everything Dungy built in Tampa after winning a Super Bowl and well, don't want to see that happen at Florida.  Gruden can take something good and make it perform, but I don't see him as a builder as evidenced by his Tampa tenure. 

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Posted on: December 10, 2010 12:40 pm

Gruden meets with Foley, Meyer

Hmmmmm, I do not know how Coach Gruden would work on the college Level. Being a Raider Fan, Great i know there goes my score or any credibility about havng a common sense perspective about football. I just think Gruden is to intense for the college level. I loved him as a Raider coach. The passion the 22 hour days he spent, i just do not know if A. A college program "quarterback" might not be ready for the intense study and film Hence the monday night football special with the top Quarterback coming into the NFL and I am not sure of the hours, How much time is the coach allowed to watch game film or spend time with players according to the NCAA rules.  Whom ever gets him, even if he stays on Monday night football is luck. My thoughts , from an Inside source is Skip Kelly from Oregon will be the Next Florida Coach. 

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