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Pac-10 allows alums to work school's replay booth

Posted on: November 18, 2010 12:05 pm
Posted by Jerry Hinnen

If you followed the BYU -San Diego State bloodfeud that erupted in the wake of a pair of BYU alumni working the replay booth for a critical BYU game, you'd think more conferences would be doing more to make sure similar conflicts of interests wouldn't be taking place in their leagues. And that goes double when you're talking about BCS conferences -- with that kind of money at stake and that level of media and fan interest, you'd think any potential allegations of impropriety would be nipped in the proverbial bud.

You would think that, anyway. But the Pac-10 is here to tell you you are thinking so, so wrong :

Nothing is more disconcerting, however, than a Pac-10 policy that allows its officials to work games that feature their alma mater ..

The issue came to light during the Arizona-Oregon State game in October when several instant-replay reviews went against the Beavers.

Oregon State fans were livid to learn the replay official was Jim Fogltance, a former Pac-10 football crew chief who also is an Arizona graduate.

He apparently is a donor, too.

A check of the school's website Wednesday showed someone named "James Fogltance" listed as a member of the Wildcat Club's "Bear Down Circle," which requires an athletic department donation of $500.

Fogltance is almost certainly a respectable, honorable man who does his very best to remain as objective as possible in the heat of the late-game decision-making process. But the idea that he could wield that kind of influence over a game in which he has a vested interest in one side's success is simply outrageous. The Pac-10 should move immediately to change the policy and forbid alums or other school-affiliated officials from working their school's games. The integrity of the conference's officials has to be beyond question, or the league is just begging for a blowup that would make the BYU-SDSU brouhaha look like a third-grade cafeteria squabble.

If there's any bright spot here, it's that after that game in October, there would be no way the Pac-10 would allow Fogltance to work another Arizona game. Surely, surely, all that is fair and just in this world demands that ...

Pac-10 documentation shows Fogltance is scheduled to work the replay booth when Arizona State and Arizona meet on Dec. 2 in Tucson.



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Posted on: November 18, 2010 8:49 pm

Pac-10 allows alums to work school's replay booth

Not just the replay booth officials.. Pac-10 officiating is rotten down on-field as well.

I still remember a few years ago, that game between OU and Oregon at Autzen where OU was leading down at the end.  Oregon scored, and then onsides kicked.  The ball didn't travel 10 yards but Pac-10 officials said it did and so Oregon got the ball and ended up winning 35-34.  That miscarriage of officiating cost OU e shot at the NC.  I even recall looking at the next years football magazines, for the date of the OU-Oregon rematch in Norman so I could get tickets.  It didn't happen because that game in Eugene was the end of a home-and-home pair.  I sure wanted to see the Ducks get what was coming to them.

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Posted on: November 18, 2010 3:57 pm

Pac-10 allows alums to work school's replay booth

Pac-10 officiating incompetence is the gift that keeps giving.  It really is a matter of common sense failing to be connected to reality.  Its as if the parents from West LA Little League went on to officiate the Pac-10 games.  "Of course alumni can officiate football games, but only in the booth."  "Thank-you for your donation, but the officiating crew is set, you can be timekeeper."  "You went to UCLA and hate everything about can officiate just the USC games, if you like."

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