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Goalposts grow from ivy

Posted on: November 15, 2010 1:27 pm
Edited on: November 15, 2010 1:34 pm
Posted by Tom Fornelli

That's a rather odd photo of one of the end zones at Wrigley Field for this weekend's game between Northwestern and Illinois.  It seems that the football field is a tight fit in the old baseball stadium, and there wasn't enough room for the goalposts, so they had to be attached to the brick wall.  Though, to be honest, I'm not entirely convinced that this photo is real.  There's a few reasons for this.

First of all, I don't know how the ivy on the walls at Wrigley is still green this late into November.  I live in Chicago, and if that ivy is still actually green, it's just about the only plant in this city that is.  It usually starts dying in September, just like the team who usually calls Wrigley home.

There's also this Wrigley Field seating chart of the field from Lake the Posts that shows there should be more room behind the end zone than there currently is.

Though it's possible that the seating chart could be wrong.  After all, this other photo from Lake the Posts that shows the field from atop the right field bleachers does indicate that there isn't much room between the back of the end zone and the brick walls surrounding the field.

All I know is that if that photo is real, and there really is only that much space between the field and the wall, I wouldn't go running into the end zone all that hard on Saturday.  I mean, I can run through a brick wall, sure, but that doesn't mean it doesn't hurt.


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Posted on: November 20, 2010 6:41 pm

Goalposts grow from ivy

What a bunck of HORSEPUCKY.  All of the hype......all of the attention......all of the national exposure.......ESPN Game Day at Wrigley Field...with Mister Cub Erine Banks..........singing "take me out to the ball game".........The Coach Ditka with his predictions.....8.5 million people in the Chicagoland area and 13+ million in the State..........every national TV and Radio addressing the "Ivy Wall Issue"......Camera's all over Wigley Field and Wrigleyville......and ONLY 5% OF THE PEOPLE IN THIS AREA GET TO WATCH THIS GAME.......ABC/ESPN put the game on ESPNU so that means if you don't have the extra sports package............NO GAME......we get LSU/Ol' Miss.............and NASCAR Nationwide...........Marketing Executives............great choice.............WHAT BONEHEADS.........FREEZE OUT THE CHACAGO MARKET............

MCPICK SAID THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Posted on: November 20, 2010 4:40 pm

Goalposts grow from ivy

back in the 70's the goapost were on the goal-line so the waal plant wasn't used.  the field also ran from the 1st base line to left field. it was still tight though.  the whole thing is a good idea--playing the game in chicago.  however, the venue is not suited for football, asa it has developed in the last 40 years.

i'm amazed the NU athletic dept, or whomever thought this thing up, felt wrigley waas the appropiate place to hold this event.  Soldier field is available--probably for the same price.  it's obvious NU wanted to keep this as north as possible and i feel the wriglry people sold them a bridge in brooklyn.  Even the Cell on the southside can accomodate football, if soldier field is unavailable.

good idea, poorly thought out and once again the ncaa has to interfere.

Allstate would have no problem moving it to the southside--if the price is right.  football in a basebal venue is unique wherever it is held.

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Posted on: November 15, 2010 11:10 pm

Goalposts grow from ivy

first of all I just saw something that state wrigley has the most football games played there until recently. So that tell me the bears must of stated there or some other team did.  So all they need was to find out how they did it the first time but maybe the changes the cubs made recently changed how the field fits but I can not see any gold posts put onto the wall because how are you getting the balls back from the fans after the field goal and extra points.  So I think the picture is a fake

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Posted on: November 15, 2010 9:47 pm

Goalposts grow from ivy

This was a really bad idea.  The place sucks for baseball and it looks even worse for football.

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Posted on: November 15, 2010 6:14 pm

Goalposts grow from ivy

That ivy is fake padding.  About 6 inches thick.

About a foot of room between the endzone and the padding.

All of those photos are real.  Drawing is not to scale.  There is also the risk of running into the dugout on the other side of the field, although there is a bit more room.

As has been said before, kind of ironic that an insurance company is advertising on the padding considering the danger of injury with the wall so close.

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Posted on: November 15, 2010 4:14 pm

Goalposts grow from ivy

I should have seen this before posting it, but you need to take the period off of the end of URL.

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Posted on: November 15, 2010 4:12 pm

Goalposts grow from ivy

I'm thinking the ivy is part of the advertisement for AllState.  I swear I see patterns repeating.  Here's another wider angle pic showing the field from the other side of the stadium:  There's more color on the field and less color on the ivy.

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