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Auburn awaits word on its pugilists

Posted on: November 15, 2010 12:11 pm
Posted by Tom Fornelli

While Auburn was able to bounce back from an early deficit and overcome all the distractions of the previous week against Georgia on Saturday, things did get a bit chippy at the end of the game.  It all started with what many felt was a cheap shot by Auburn defensive tackle/eater of souls Nick Fairley on Georgia quarterback Aaron Murray.   A hit that now has Murray's status this weekend in question.   In the closing minutes, with the game already decided, there was plenty of pushing and shoving by both teams, but only two players threw punches.

Auburn's Mike Blanc and Michael Goggans were ejected on consecutive plays for throwing a punch, and the SEC rules are pretty clear about what happens when you do that.  Not only are you ejected from the current game, but you're forced to sit out the first half of your team's next game.  In Auburn's case, that would be the Iron Bowl against Alabama in two weeks, which is a pretty important one for the Tigers seeing as how they'd like to stay undefeated.

Well, it seems that Gene Chizik is holding out hope that he might have both of his players available, though he'll have to talk to the SEC about it first.

"I'm not going to really comment on that," Chizik said on Sunday. "We're going to talk to the SEC [Monday] and we're going to figure exactly what their status is at that point.

"The SEC reviews every situation, penalty-wise, that is reviewable or brought to their attention. We haven't talked with anybody. We know what happened [Saturday]. We're just going to reserve all comment until we really get some clarification on exactly what the status of those guys will be. I haven't had that opportunity yet."

Now it's possible that the Tigers could appeal the ruling, and have the punishment delayed, but I don't see how having either player suspended for the first half of the SEC Championship is any better.  Besides, I'm not sure what there is to appeal.  The rules are pretty clear, and there's video evidence of both players throwing the punches.

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Posted on: November 15, 2010 1:18 pm

Auburn awaits word on its pugilists

I was very surprised and disappointed with the way Auburn played this game.  I did not realize that they were STILL a bunch of cheapshot artists.  Fairley is a great defensive tackle, but he showed a complete lack of class going for the opposing QB's knees with the game already well in hand.  Chizik was no better as he seemed to enjoy his team playing like thugs.  As an LSU guy and SEC fan, I like that our conference has won the last 4 NC's and has a team on the verge of challenging for another.  At some point, intergity has to mean more than conference affiliation.  Auburn helped me reach that point Saturday.  The Cam Newton saga is bad enough, but when you add to that a totally classless performance, I am done.  Screw Auburn!!!

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Posted on: November 15, 2010 1:12 pm

Auburn awaits word on its pugilists

Chizik should go ahead and bench Fairley for his antics on Saturday. Not only on the cheapshot at the end, but for the two times he drove Murray inot the ground after the ball had already been thrown. I doubt that will happen however, as he wasn't smart enough to take Fariley out of the game after the cheapshot, when about 99% of the other people watching the game, both in the stands, and in the stadium, knew that the Georgia players were gonna go after him. Keep up the good work Gene.

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Posted on: November 15, 2010 12:24 pm

Auburn awaits word on its pugilists

What ever happened to the day where a coach would discipline his players without having to wonder what type of pennalty might be levied on them by the conference?  It is a shame that rather than stand up and discipline his players, he is taking a wait and see approach.  Show some guts Chizik and bench the players yourself. 

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