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Report: Cecil Newton admits to soliciting payment

Posted on: November 12, 2010 11:30 pm
Edited on: November 12, 2010 11:46 pm
Posted by Adam Jacobi

Is the conclusion of the Cam Newton saga coming into focus? While it's still too early to say with absolute certainty whether Newton will even be playing for Auburn tomorrow, much less at any point for the rest of the season, the actual nature of his misdeeds -- which are, at this point, purely alleged and based solely on the statements of a handful of Mississippi State-affiliated men -- seems to be less of a mystery today than it was earlier this week.

According to Channel 2 Action News in Atlanta, Cecil Newton has reportedly admitted to soliciting money from Mississippi State. Cecil Newton's alleged admission -- which comes without so much as a direct quote from Newton -- is apparently worded in a fashion that attempts to absolve all other parties of blame:

A source close to the situation exclusively told Channel 2 Action News investigative reporter Mark Winne that the player's father, Cecil Newton, has admitted having conversations with an ex-Mississippi State University player about the possibility of under-the-table money if Cam Newton signed to play football at Mississippi State, though he's steadfastly maintained that no money ever changed hands and said no official at Mississippi State ever made such an offer.

According to Winne’s source, Cecil Newton said his son’s hands are clean, and has made it clear that Cam Newton himself and his mother knew nothing about the money discussions, nor did Auburn University, with whom the Westlake High School grad from College Park eventually signed with out of junior college.

This isn't much of a new revelation in and of itself; yesterday, ESPN's Joe Schad reported that the Newtons admitted to soliciting money. The distinction here is that this is an admission to a news organization instead of the accusing party; it's one thing for an MSU source to say the Newtons made these statements to him, and quite another for a reporter to say the same. Moreover, this report comes from a new news organization, meaning the story is gaining traction. That doesn't make it true, necessarily, but it certainly lends it a higher air of plausibility.

The problem that Cam Newton faces is that his father's reported admission, while certainly nice-sounding, might not preserve Cam's eligibility; Mississippi State was led to believe that it would need to pay for Cam to play there. That in and of itself is an NCAA violation. And yet, as Alabama-based attorney Donald Jackson notes, the NCAA hasn't yet felt the need to take the relatively routine step of "strong-arming" Newton off the field:

Donald Jackson, an attorney in Montgomery who has faced off with the NCAA many times, said Thursday that the NCAA is apparently comfortable with Newton's eligibility.

"The NCAA never hesitates to strong-arm schools into taking athletes off the field if they have evidence of violations," Jackson said.  

On the latest round of charges, Jackson said that in his opinion, "the statements from Kenny Rogers and John Bond don't add up to anything that would justify taking him off the field."

So will Newton be playing Saturday? It's easily possible. Auburn has known about this potential issue since January and seems to be committed to riding Newton all the way through the season; the only thing that has definitively changed between then and now is public opinion, and that's not usually a metric by which a football coach guides the management of his team. Being that even SEC chairman Mike Slive is reminding people that Newton's status for Saturday is Auburn's decision, it's probable that unless Auburn has additional information that hasn't been made public (and considering the fact that ESPN has been getting information more readily than the SEC, that doesn't seem particularly likely), we should probably see Newton on the field on Saturday.


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Posted on: November 13, 2010 9:14 am

Report: Cecil Newton admits to soliciting payment

blount - What an assault on the English language. Please take English class, acquire some spelling, puncuation, and capitalzation skills, and practice them before your next post. It's unreadable.

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Posted on: November 13, 2010 3:58 am

Report: Cecil Newton admits to soliciting payment

been a auburn fan all my life and this has been like an tea-party linching in progress are man cam cannot help his dad  was reeled in by kenny rodgers to get cash from his contacts where he played football and undoubtable had been been dealing with his school for some time when cecil seen mr.rodgers was out of line he wanted to put all of this behind him cam visisted oklahoma next where even bob stoops said nothing was wrong in the recruiting of cam  but chose auburn because it was closest to his home because he didnt have the money to travel to okie or starkville every weekend which would cost several hundred dollars a weekend when auburn was driving distance. cam himself hasnt done anything wrong  but be loyal to his team his school and his faith which his dad the press and all these outsiders seem to be against him .but untill all the facts are out cam should play seems like kenny lead cecil to believe his school would pay when cecil seen kenny wasnt on the his belief in god made him do the right thing .he made the right choice which is the blessing chizic @ cam keep talking about because everything worked out in the end he got with a good school who wants to win its been like the perfect match(blessing} i believe auburn did everything right what happenend at missst is on them .curruption is there front and center if any rules were broken its on missst.because it was all former bulldog players and they seemed mad because cam didnt go to starkville. he ended up at auburn which has been a blessing for cam and his school. state didnt bring out this till now why .the bulldogs continued to recruit him after the fact untill the newtons turned them down,u may fool a man but when he sees all of you 2gather he can see what your really about and cecil seen this wasnt for cam you can tell how dirty state is by leaking sleazy stuff like traffic tickets schoolpapers which break laws how low can the bulldogs go .everybody makes mistakes but what if mr.newton seen corruption and was lead to believe by this clan he would get cash but came to see the light and wanted to do the right thing by picking auburn for his son by its plain 2 see theres bad blood there behind the scens, theres so much to this story we may never no the real truth.its just a shame cam and auburn has to take the blunt of negative press because his dad made a mistake getting involved with a corrupt university thank god after some soul searching he made the right choice and picked a good honest university that was best 4 his son.4real the man didnt think i need cash 4 cam someone put this in his head and everyone he was dealing with bulldogs.i no john bond and the dogs are in mourning but bond has built condos all around the campus which means he has the cash all these men played 2gather it took them 6months to get there story straight but have told differ storys every other day the bulldogs they thought you loved them then spit in there eye but cecil said we must get out of here so now thay loved you but want you to die so  the best thing to do was to just outta there.the bulldogs will the guilty in the end while auburn continues to win !! war eagle !!! beat georgia win the west beat bama win the state championship win in atlanta take the sec championship then go 2 the desert win the crystal ball and cam will be standing tall because all he wants is 2 play ball,cant wait till 2;30 lights cameron action

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Posted on: November 13, 2010 3:18 am

Report: Cecil Newton admits to soliciting payment

Nothing against your comment, but does it really need to be posted on 3-4 different similar stories?  Spam doesn't garner much respect....

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Report: Cecil Newton admits to soliciting payment

This is to ALL the people who were loveing it when bush and USC were the ones in the news every day,you ALL said this was just a USC thing. To ALL the schools who are now in the news for the same thing all I can say to you is this,  just don't make any bowl plans for the next few years.

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Posted on: November 13, 2010 1:49 am

Report: Cecil Newton admits to soliciting payment

So it would cost Miss St. $100K+ to get Cam Newton, but Auburn got him for free? Bullshit - Auburn paid for this kid and Cam Newton himself knew it when he told Miss St he was sorry he couldn't sign with them because his dad said the money at Auburn was too great. I'm sure his dad is a real piece of $hit, but Cam wasn't the victim here.

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Posted on: November 13, 2010 1:30 am
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Report: Cecil Newton admits to soliciting payment

What a bunch of gullible people, lets all turn a blind eye!!!

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Report: Cecil Newton admits to soliciting payment

benedictrick, you're a f*****g idiot.  Check the records of the teams you "claim" can't get the job done.  Tell you what, you retard, get in touch with me, and we will arrange a bet...I will take TCU against ANYONE they play the rest of year, and take them to win by at least 4 TD's...put your money where your stupidity is.

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Report: Cecil Newton admits to soliciting payment

"Yeah because Boise St. cant win a BCS Bowl game, oh wait they are 2-0 in Bowl games"

Yes, be that as it may, one was against TCU last year, and the other against OU took three trick plays to win. Although, it was quite funny watching OU lose that way.

But watching Boisie tonight, made me lose a bit of respect for them, I mean onside kicking in the first quarter when your up 21-0 over Idaho and rolling?? That's chicken s***.

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Report: Cecil Newton admits to soliciting payment

There is still a lot of football left this season.  Not one team has solidified their spot in the national title game.  Oregon has yet to defeat California in Berkley and despite being a prohibitive favorite on paper the Ducks still need to play 60 minutes of football against a very tough Cal Bears football team that is much stronger at home then they are on the road.  Oregon State also might have something to say about the Ducks cementing their spot in the national title game.  Even with Cam Newton the Auburn Tigers still have Georgia this weekend in one of the most fierce rivalries in college football.  Than its a road trip into Alabama to face the defending national champions on their home turf.  If Auburn wins both games which is unlikely than they have to beat the winner of Florida/South Carolina in the SEC title game.  Meanwhile Boise State has dates with both Fresno State and Nevada, should win the games but nothing is given.  TCU, might as well pencil them in as undefeated as there is no way they lose at home against San Diego State or go on the road and win by less than 5 touchdowns at New Mexico. 

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